Friday, February 20, 2009

article on Eagle Forum: BHO "gives what the doctor did not order"

The link above should take you to a page on the Eagle Forum website where you should find a very important, and saddening, article about the "new age" of "government in your face," not letting you have the usual freedoms (of what God knows as "real choice"... for doing good things, not for killing babies, as our new Pres. thinks is okay.) guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, at least what there is that is left of it.

The article tells us about some of the "actions" taken, behind closed doors, late at night, by Democrats, leaving out any "slowing down" of what these sly folks wanted to achieve, for their own personal benefit, and to achieve their own selfish goals, including those of our new Pres. (who was not born in the U.S.; he was born in Kenya; and by any laws, in effect, in Hawaii, in 1961, and by his mom's legal age, he also has not automatic U.S. citizenship; see if you can get anyone at Occidental College to admit that he attended classes there under a foreign student scholarship, I think it's been said, as an Indonesian citizen. No American citizenship has been proven, by valid legal documents. I just like folks to know the truth. I figure anyone who reads this blog may already know, but what if you did not know this? I'd want you to know. The U.S. Supreme Court justices have been threatened, so they won't "hear" the case that would prove Mr. BHO, indeed, does not have valid U.S. citizenship. Therefore, he is "the Pres." illegally, and under-handedly. Stay informed! Keep thinking!)

Just thought you would want to know ... why I'd rather be living in some other country, for my time between now and when my Lord Yeshua, the Messiah, returns (in the clouds) for all of us who believe in Him and who have surrendered our lives to Him, as our Lord, Redeemer & Savior, ... and as The Only Son of YHWH God, our Father in Heaven. I'd rather live in Israel, though I have not yet been able to prove my genaeological heritage as being Hebrew, or of the children of Jacob.

For now, I reside in the U.S.A., but that cannot last much longer, since now our new Pres. has decided it must become quickly ''changed over'' (as quick as he can manage it, as the puppet of the Illuminati, the CFR, and the U.N., besides the EU, and more, as Pres. W. Clinton was) into a socialist "state," much like England, Ireland and Scotland, have become, ... over a period of time. Behind our backs, just like he somehow managed to gain the U.S. presidency, Mr. BHO has "done it again," so to speak, though our legislators were behind this overt, tyrannical, dictatorial act only a traitor would attempt to do, in our country -- he has sold us over to the control of an out-of-control "national bank" system (which is what Pres. Andrew Jackson abolished! and it was one of the best things for our country's future!), to the control of whatever the EU is doing in Europe, that we think we can copy (because he sees America as already being Region 10 in the New World Order), and to the control of those in the U.N. who would prefer (for example) that children have decision-making control over their parents, and to the control of selfish doctors who neither have the understanding nor the truthful knowledge of how to get to the roots of disease in a way that does not, in some way, damage or compromise the future health of their patients, ... besides the loss of any decision-making "freedom" of American citizens, over their healthcare ... with regard to prevention of disease or treatment of disease (that is found to be necessary).

I have not personally interviewed those in Canada or in England, but have read testimonies by citizens of both those countries of how ineffective and how "sub-beneficial" the healthcase system is in either of those countries. Now, thanks to BHO and the Democrats in Congress and the Senate, especially those who prefer to work behind closed doors, like cowards, or scared kitty-cats, where no one can oppose their secretive voting, or alter their selfish plans, ... to "gain more control" over U.S. citizens, we now have a medical-care system that most of us would never have approved of, nor would the majority of voting American citizens have voted for. We would not have allowed this to happen, if "the system" as it is designed by the designers of our U.S. Constitution was allowed to work as it was designed to work!!

All of what's just occurred, over the past 30 days, on my calendar, has been more like a nearly-unbelievable horror movie, ... that I never would have believed would have been allowed to happen, ... except that I do live in the U.S., and I am reading "the news" almost daily, online, and am only finding things like a foolish, selfish, known-to-have psychotic tendencies, U.S. Pres., who tells leaders in Israel "what they should do" and ... somehow, thinks that they will agree with what he suggests. They won't go for it, if they are wise! He actually thinks, somehow, that he can call himself a Christian??!!?? He has "the audacity" of a man who is not wise nor is he just (based on his own past, and on the basis he wrote about in his book, upon which he makes his decisions, and those he gets advice from, who are known traitors to our Constitution, who are rebels, and terrorists, among those he knows as friends), nor does he understand what's written and easy to read and interpret correctly, in our U.S. Constitution. He does not understand how to deal with leaders of other countries. He's never led any department of any U.S. government office. And while a U.S. Senator, he voted mostly as "absentee" or "not voting." What is that??!!?? Avoiding "being a real man" and "being a real leader of men."

Anyway, besides my own lack of understanding, of how a man could seriously lie his way into the Oval Office, to be allowed to lead this country down a "slippery, but fast, path toward self-destruction," I just can't figure out how he managed it ...
... except for the fact that God decided it is now time for our country to be (righteously) judged (harshly, but nevertheless less than we deserve) for our allowing such evil to exist and continue within our borders, for many years! I do not feel personally responsible for this problem, though I am personally able to sin, and contribute to the overall "total number" of sins of all those who do dwell in the U.S.A. In that respect, I feel like Isaiah, one who said he realized he was ..."a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: ...."

And as Daniel shared in chapter 9 of his book, beginning at verse 4, through verse 14, I have sinned, others in the land where I live have sinned, and ... we have not followed faithfully and done what God has commanded us to do, in all that He has told us to be sure not to allow in our country. It is true I do not have jurisdictional "authority" over any area of this country other than any land I have ever owned, within it. But ... as a citizen of this land, I am held as guilty by Him, Who over-rules every country on this earth. He is righteous and good, and cannot do anything wrong, so I know I am "guilty" ... as many others are, of what YHWH God is now judging us "all" for, in the U.S.A.

And as Daniel, I must be sure I have "examined myself" and "confessed my sins and iniquities" unto my Lord and God, because He expects it of me, and has commanded me to "be pure in heart," and "humble myself" under His Mighty Hand, and to "love one another" (first, among my fellow believers in The Lord Yeshua the Messiah), and "live out" my salvation, in meekness and in fear (of The Lord YHWH, my God and Father). I have failed Him, at times! And He has ever been faithful to me, and has forgiven me for every sin I have recognized and repented of, and confessed to Him and to those I have trespassed against! His Mercy endureth for ever! His Love is everlasting! I live by the Faith of The Son of God, Yeshua, Who loved me and gave Himself for me, by atoning for my sin through His sacrificial death, in my place, on the Roman execution stake, long, long ago!

Since it is obviously God's timing for 'the end,' of things 'as we've known them' (my husband and I), in our country, I am so ready to take on the joyful, though arduous and sometimes exhausting (but fulfilling), task of leading others to Yeshua haMeshiach in another country, where folks are hungry to meet and get to know the True Redeemer of mankind. I am open to going anywhere! Wherever God would lead our family to go, to plant churches, or to teach The Bible, or to help alongside a truly Biblical ministry of a missionary, or of a native who is a missionary in his own country. I know some Spanish; considered obtaining a degree with a major in Spanish, long ago, but realized this was not what God would have me do. Also have been learning koinonia Greek, used by the writers of the New Covenant (the New Testament), so I trust that might give me a bit of help with the Greek language, if we were to be sent there, to spread The Word of Truth, to win souls for YHWH God's eternal Kingdom. I am a little familiar with some Hebrew, though have not managed to be able to write it, or read it well enough; so, I'd have to study Hebrew much, much more.

But... I am "all ready" to help with any ministry based in Israel, by living in Israel -- that's my life goal -- to dwell in the land where Yeshua walked, and to learn, one on one, to live among God's chosen people. I admire them. They have been through so much, from a human standpoint, and yet, I believe we who call ourselves (true) believers in The Lord ... are just like them in more ways than we might think. ;o)
Am familiar with the man who now heads up the Zola Levitt ministry, having attended a Messianic Jewish congregation where he used to "cant the Sh'ma" and "sang" The Torah reading, in Hebrew, while we fellow worshippers read along in our English Bibles (usually KJV), before the "rabbi" (a completed Jew) shared his "sermon." (well, that may be a Baptist term)
Am glad to see this man, who grew up in America, and has taught Hebrew and other subjects at a Christian ministry (college level courses) in the Dallas area, now getting to teach what he has been learning, through the vehicle of the Zola Levitt Ministries, based in Dallas, TX. ;o)

Anyway, if I must remain in the U.S., though I'd love to live near the mountains, ... I'd honestly rather be in a desert area, if I must live here, ... because I am now convinced that I could find some way to get a water-well dug, ... even if I had to get a grant to dig one myself, using the proper machinery to get it done right ... because the laws here in TN for those who choose to home educate are simply not like the ones we had while living in TX.

And I must admit, though laws, thanks to our legislators who we can't trust in our national government, are changing rapidly, I think I would rather be in a state that, at least, offers more hope of listening, truly, to its citizens, rather than one that caves in, or is afraid of its citizens being given enough freedom to make the wise decisions anyone could make, with regard to educating their own children, using the many, wonderful curriculums, books, materials, and resources, that are now available to parents who fear God and desire to educate their own children, in the ways of Almighty God. (parents who are true believers, that is) Parents who are true believers, at least, fear God above all, and though we make mistakes daily, we do endeavour to do what is right, knowing we will be judged by The Judge of all, one day, and we do what is just, good and we try to use wise judgment and employ an attitude of civic responsibility, as well as teach good citizenship to our children (though allegiance to a higher power we know as The Lord YHWH God, the Creator of the universe, above any nation).

Though I do not approve of what has just recently been "set into motion," in my own country, I still am aware that God is in control of all things, and only allows what He can use / turn to good, for His good purposes! He is able to deliver all who are true believers from not only the wrath to come, but also from evil dictators / rulers! He is able to provide a safe haven for those whose lands are under attack, or whose lives are in danger, from over-reaching government leaders, who think it is wiser to round up and encarcerate honest, upright citizens (who happen to be true believers in The Lord YHWH Almighty, El Elyon)... and their "innocent" children, to be exterminated, so they can continue to carry out their evil plans. It just breaks my heart to "see" that they are really going to do it in my lifetime!

Makes me cry, as a person, deep inside, where my "real heart" is, knowing that their eternal future will be one of horrific, intensely-painful, inconceivably-agonizing pain and suffering!! ... if they do not repent and confess that they've made a grave mistake and that they regret doing it, or even thinking or planning it out, for others to suffer under. -- ! I want to see YHWH God show Himself strong on the behalf of those whose hearts are "mature" (complete) toward Him! -- as He mentions in II Chronicles 16: 9.

Eagle Forum's website was set up by the organization, called Eagle Forum, begun by the Constitutional lawyer Phyllis Schlafly, and those who help her keep us informed, through helpful, informative legal and political, and educational, data and news, as well as reports and articles there. I am so grateful to God for this woman's dedication to "getting the truth out to the people!" She and those who work with her have done a great job of sharing what they know to be true! They warned us all, long ago, of the NWO, and of the dangers of NAFTA, and of the "secretive" signing of our country ... to, some time in our future, be renamed the North American Union, along with Canada and Mexico. I don't think the citizens of either of those countries like this arrangement and decisions-being-made-behind-our-backs any more than I do!

But ... for some reason, I still live here, though, to me, all of what's going on, economically and within those who make the laws in the U.S.A., has simply been one way God has been hoping to use to strongly urge "all true believers" in the U.S.A., to reconsider "going onto" any mission field He has ever urged them to pray about going on, in the past, to serve The Lord, and win souls for His Kingdom. It's time, folks! We can't wait any longer, if we believe He wants us to "go," even if it is within the borders of what we now know to be the U.S.A.

We must "go" and "preach the Gospel" and "teach all nations," (some say "make disciples of all nations"), "baptizing them in the Name of The Father (YHWH God), and of The Son (Yeshua haMeshiach), and of The Holy Ghost (Ruach haChodesh):"

Will we obey the call? He qualifies the called. He does not "call" the (already) qualified. So, we all are able to go, and preach and teach! He will enable us to. "Faithful is He that calleth you, Who also will do it." -- I Thessalonians 5: 24

(the opinions shared in this post are my own, and do not reflect on any opinions shared or on anything shared at the website I have put a link for, at the top of this post, on the Eagle Forum site)