Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some Names of our Lord, our Father in Heaven

Names of Y-HW-H G-d

From Exodus 6: 2, we can learn that one of the Names of Y-HW-H G-d is: JEHOVAH (in Hebrew, it would be pronounced Y-HW-H, so I spell it that way, since He spoke to Moshe (Moses) in Hebrew.) or Y-HW-H (some spell in Yahweh). The verse shows: And God (Elohim, the triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; the supreme God, mighty; we know Him in this Name as the Creator God, who made all things in the universe.) spake unto Moshe (Moses), and said unto him, I (am) The Lord (Y-HW-H, Yahweh):
And in verse 3, He continues : And I appeared unto Avraham (Abraham), unto Yitzhak (Isaac), and unto Yaakov (Jacob), by (the Name of) God (El, Almighty, Strong, Mighty) Almighty, but by My Name JEHOVAH (Y-HW-H, Yahweh) was I not known to them.

He has revealed himself, here, to Moshe (Moses) as The One Who has created the universe, and as The One Who has all power in the universe, and Who holds all things together, enabling the forces we observe and the laws of nature to continue, according to His design and plan.

He has shown Himself, not in bodily form, to Moshe, but in words, which He used to create the universe, and every plant and animal (creatures that walk upon the earth or swim or move in the seas and rivers) and fowl (birds, flying creatures), every man and woman, boy and girl, and every mineral, and combination of minerals and elements, such as water and wind / air, that we can see or feel or work with, and every force that we delve into, as we explore the various realms of God's creation.

As we move closer to exploring spiritual things, in God's spiritual realm, we see that there are things that have power that is much more "strong" than our own human ability. God has designed this creation of His to obey His Word. God has designed it to reveal Himself to us! He uses it to bless us with the needs our bodies have, for some nourishment, to remain alive, and also with beauty we can behold, but which seems quite marvelous. He uses it to provide ways for us to build shelters for our families to dwell in, to protect us, somewhat, from storm and strong wind, besides floodwaters (if we build on high ground and on rock, using a strong foundation).

But God has made this universe in such a way that it causes us to cry out to Him, when things simply do not "go right," even according to what we have learned, thus far, from what others and us have studied. He has caused things to occur, to draw us to His Loving Heart, because it soon becomes obvious that He alone can deliver us from harm, from danger, from imminent death, and from a horrible destination, after we die (our human bodies).

He alone can rescue us when in dire need, and He alone can help us in a lasting way. Temporary helps will end. Sometimes they are not available to us, in particular situations. God has designed it this way, not to frustrate us, or to cause us to blame Him for not coming to help us, when we wished Him to. He simply wishes us to acknowledge Who He truly is, and then, as we do that, He then accepts us into His family of Life, so that we are able to begin learning more and more, over time, about Him, as we grow closer to Him, in knowledge, in truth, in believing trust in Him alone, and in His Son, Ye'shua the Messiah (the Anointed One of Y-HW-H God).

He is The Most High (God), El Elyon. We can worship Him in spirit (attitude of heart and soul) and in truth. He is Truth. Ye'shua is our true Life source. Ye'shua is God. He was present at the creation of the universe. He named the stars, and enabled each one to sing its own song, in praise of Him. He placed each planet and each star in place, even the ones we think are light-years away from our own galaxy. He gives the crickets a song to sing, that sounds like a choir of the angelic host, worshipping God, Who made them; the sound of crickets chirping, sounding like angelic singing, in harmony, can be heard only when we change the frequency of the sounds they emit. It is wonderful to hear! (I've heard it.)

He is The Most High, in that no other god can come anywhere close to Him! He is all-powerful -- all power in heaven and in earth, and in the universe, belongs to Him. Hallelujah! He is omniscient -- He knows all things that can be known, and far beyond what any man can know. He is omnipresent -- He is able to be everywhere present, especially anywhere where we may need Him to be, to meet any need we have. (true needs) His omnipotent power enables Him to overcome anything and everything that opposes Him. He uses this power whenever it is necessary. He knows just when to do or allow anything to occur. All things that happen are under His control and power.

When something, on earth, "goes wrong," in our understanding of things, we cry out to Him, asking Him "why." He does not have to reply to us. He usually shows us, who belong to Him (those of us who have surrendered our lives to His Son, because we believe He came to earth to live, suffer and die in our place, to forgive us, pardon us, for our sins and iniquities we have committed against this perfect, righteous, just, holy God Who made us all), that the disaster was able to be used by Him, to teach us something we would not have learned, otherwise.

He uses any problem or horrible event (to us) to alter our path, so that we begin to move closer and closer to Him. That provides many good results for us, even while we are on the earth! He uses disasters, troubles, trials, severe hardship and suffering, to hone us down to a beautiful vessel, like a potter shapes a piece of clay, that he has had to beat the air bubbles out of, first, as he begins to 'work it.' God has not allow suffering for us to suffer. He merely allows it to occur because He knows the good that will come from it, later, if we make the right response to Him, in it. (or after it occurs)

I have some more to share about God's Names. But this will, I trust, help you to see something about God that you may not have learned, elsewhere. If so, then please humble yourself in His sight, since He also is able to see everyone everywhere, even those who try to hide from His Face, from His sight. You may bow down, or get on your knees, and just acknowledge, agree, that He is there (He is YHWH Shammah, The Lord Who is there), and that He is The Lord (Master over you and all things), and He made you and you wish to honor Him, because You know your protection, your Life, your being and your future all belong to and come from Him.

He is worthy of your praise, honor and any glory that your life produces or is given. Any praise should be deferred to His Name, because anything good we do was because of Him, and done, in some way, by Him, through you. This is truth.

May your day be the most blessed it could be, today!

One of the most powerful, and satan-offending Names of God (haShem) seems to be ... ElElyon. One another blog of mine, I use another name with a powerful meaning, which is the name many men have been given: Joel. I type it as it would be pronounced: Yoel
Together, El Elyon and Joel have a meaning that is like this (basically) -- The Lord, Most High, The Strong One, He is Mighty (Almighty) !