Thursday, November 27, 2008

Do you wonder what some folks are thankful for?

Wonder what everyone else says they are thankful for? (on blogs)
I only know what I see I should be, and am, thankful for:

1. God, my Father in Heaven, choosing on His own volition, to love me, who was unloveable, and I still make lots of mistakes.

2. Yeshua, God's only-begotten Son, The Anointed One of YHVH (YHWH, depending on how you pronounce His Hebrew Name, He told Moshe / Moses, long ago), Who also IS The Mighty God, The Lord Adonai, as His Father is, Who chose to make (create) me. Then, He voluntarily chose to come to earth and live as a man, suffer, be mistreated, spit at, lied about, talked about behind His back, ... and innocently die, in the place of folks like me, who deserved the death He died, ... to redeem us all.
He chose to suffer and die in our place, though we did nothing to earn such amazingly blessed and wonderful treatment. He made us, He knows us (what we are like, deep inside; He had Jeremiah the prophet write it down: "The heart {of man and of woman} is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"), and He still has chosen to share His agape, unconditional Love with us, just as He promised to Avraham, long, long ago, and as He promised to King David of Israel, of the tribe of Yehudah (Judah).
Yeshua was born of the tribe of Yehudah; it's appropriate that He was, because Yehudah means praise. He deserves all our praise for Who He is! Amen! Hallelujah! He is Lord of all!

3. The Holy Spirit of YHVH (YHWH). He is my Comforter, Who strengthens me continually. He is my Help, in how He works in me, and teaches me, as my perfect Teacher, because He helps me to know what my Lord wants me to do, and then He even reminds me to do it, and urges me that, when I'm not having a right attitude toward The Lord, I should change it.
His Mighty Power enables me to do what YHVH wants me to do, for His glory! It's called dunamis, in the Greek. This "power" is only to be used for good, and it can only come to those who honor, and trust in, believe in, The Holy One of Israel, The True One, and obey the commands of, following the teachings of, The Lord Yeshua, The Lord Adonai YHVH, The Ruach haChodesh (The Holy Spirit), Who are "One." One God in 3 persons. YHVH's Holy Spirit dwells within my spirit, and He fills me. "The fruit of The Spirit of YHVH is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness (usefulness; excellence; kindness), goodness, faith (believing trust in God), meekness, temperance: against such, there is no law." -- from Rav Shaul's letter (letter of Paul the Apostle) to the people of Galatia, chapter 5, verses 22 and 23.

4. ... for the redemption Yeshua bought for me, by willingly shedding His innocent, precious Blood, and Body, on the Roman execution stake, in my place, ... because I believe in His Name, and have called upon The Name of The Lord, to be delivered of the power and the punishment I deserved for my own sins and iniquities. He paid it all. The account (of my debt I owed to God) is paid in full -- an accounting term, meaning nothing more was owed to YHVH, to satisfy His justice. I am free indeed, because The Son has set me free. Hallelujah!

5. ... God's blessings He showers upon me and my family, daily. He does so many things, I must count them all, and it would take for ever to do that. But I will try. And will write some of it down, as I am able, on one of my blogs. Perhaps I will remember to copy it here. Usually, though, I write those things on one of my other blogs, such as the one at: (which I do not use as a blog, but as a free, online newsletter for olde-fashioned moms and older young ladies) ... or ... http://.....(my).multiply(page).com (you need to be invited to know that url)
... or ... "my facebook page"
... or ... "my xanga page"
... or ... (oh well, is that enough for you?) ...
... okay, ... maybe it's broken up into very small bites and it is on my twitter page,
... or ... maybe there is simply not enough room for me to list all that I am thankful for on twitter, so I joined a forum for "twitter-ing mommas"
... besides ... a hs moms' forum I am also on,
... or ... well, I'll stop now. (there were actually more; but you don't want to know) ;o)

... I do hope to write more later, about some things (in this world) I am grateful to God for.

Some time....
If I do not write much here ..., maybe that is because there is so little room in this box, that it must be meant for those who use little words, and say little.
I seem to have lots to say.
So, for me, this box feels quite limiting.
Now you see why I only write things on this blog, less often than some folks do.

Well, sorry ... : (concluding statement) This list was surely found to be much less exciting than what some, who know me, might have imagined. I regret that.
Reason? Realized I need to finish doing something else, before the rest of this night has gotten away from me. We moms almost never get to truly rest, except when we get to enjoy some truly-relaxing sleep. And we do realize we need to try to use our time wisely, as much as possible. (big grin)

For those who are disappointed, here are some passing thoughts:
(as part of a longer, continuing conversation ... between two individuals ...) But then, what does anyone know about anyone else, .. except what they've observed, or have been told?
If we know a person well, we'd already know part of what we'd be sharing on a blog, anyway. We'd only want to come and read the specifics, on a blog, that we figure we don't already know. Right?
Then, perhaps you should find something else more adventurous or inspiring or educational to do, instead of reading this particular entry. ... perhaps.
... just perhaps. (sorry; being silly for those who come here and may think I never have fun; this is one of the rare moments, when I've been cooking most of the day, and now I finally get to share something, and then I am so tired, I am only typing silly thoughts, at this point. I apologize to those who thought I only share serious, and educational thoughts here. We all make mistakes.)

However, what I am *thankful* for, is less than what I am willing to demonstrate, in real actions and real words, that I am truly *grateful* for. (this statement demonstrates, in words, the difference between the word "thankful" and the word "grateful." Okay, that was educational.) And what I am truly grateful for is listed above here. And that was enough. Because that was the main part of my life -- The Lord, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He IS my Life!

The rest of what I am thankful for is also good to recall, and remind myself of. But you all have so many things you are also thankful for, which would match what I am thankful for, that I decided I'd not repeat what most everyone else would be saying, on their blogs.

On the other hand, ..... perhaps I should have.

... nah! Not worth it....
God knows the entire list, by heart.
And from my heart, to His, I am truly grateful for all He has done, plus the stuff I cannot remember, and also what I did not notice He did, for me, and for you.

Hope you know Him. If you do not, please contact me (if you know how to; if not, just contact God by speaking to Him; He is always listening; He waits for those who are willing to talk sincerely with Him!), so we can talk about Him, and how much He loves you, too, just as much as He (has loved and) does love me.

He loves every person He has made. That includes every person, who ever lived!
He knows which ones will respond to His free gift of eternal Life, and which ones will reject it.

He knows us by how our hearts look -- our motives, and the root of what our thoughts, words and actions are.
... is your heart in "God" condition?
Hope so!

If you are reading this, there is still time for you to respond to His free offer .....!
Go ahead. All you could lose is eternity, living 'in' a lake of burning fire, that never burns out, nor do you quit feeling the burning ...... ever!

You might lose remaining with satan for ever, who won't be glad you're there in the lake of fire. He does not care about you.
He wanted YHVH God's "power" without His Good character! What a mistake!
So, those who go to "the lake of fire" with satan will only be completely, and horribly, beyond imagination, miserable, every "day" for "ever." -- !!

It is not worth an eternity, to imagine that if I surrender my life, on earth, to YHVH God's control and authority, ... and to Him as my Master / Lord, that I will, then, have to suffer under a miserable life here on earth, until Yeshua takes me up into the clouds, to meet Him in the air, and then, ever after I will be With The Lord!
My life, as a true believer, on earth has been much more exciting, miraculous, healing-filled, joy-filled and full of Shalom Peace that does flow like a river (over me, and in me), than any other life I had, before I surrendered my life to His control.

We will all live for ever. The question is: *Where* will you "live" for ever?

I'd rather see Yeshua, and be with Him, than do anything else! For ever!! Hallelujah! (I can't wait, Father!!) ... Maranatha!