Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to Clean Your Space, Low-Stress Style!

Hey, are you tired of feeling real tired, physically, by about 3 p.m.? or, by the time you arrive at home, after work?

Do your eyes feel so worn out, from reading information on a computer screen, that you feel like you are developing a headache?  or, you already realize you *have* an achy head?!?

Ever wish you (even you work-with-young-minds-at-home ladies!) could find a way for some other human being to do the house*work* at your place, instead of you? !?  Is it because your body's sense of "Motivate Me!" has gone out the window?  I mean, whose body feels like tackling a housecleaning task like vacuuming a living, dining, kitchen & hallway area after a day of ... cleaning elsewhere? (even if you only spent 3 hours cleaning elsewhere)

Have you found a bunch of young people, ... okay, I mean within your own household!, who will take (or have taken) over your home place house cleaning responsibilities?  No?!?  Oh dear!  Then, get hopping and find out why you have a 2 - 3 year old who does not LOVE to wash dishes in your sink ( the dishes, pans, utensils are in the sink, ladies, ... not the 2 - 3 year old )!  They all do! least all the ones I've met DO!  The more bubbles there are, the better!

There are articles galore that'll tell you what most typical children are capable of going to serve their own parents while young.  This is not at all unkind or mean (cruel) to a child. !!  It is wonderful training, if done in an enjoyable, motivational, we-can-knock-out-this-job in a few minutes' time (& check it off our days TO DO List!) way!  Right?  Of course right!

If you find you are the only one around to do the in-house cleaning at your abode, don't give up hope, friends!  One person has seen his/her German shepherd (older puppy) learn how to, & enjoy, pushing & pulling the vacuum along the floors needing vacuuming!  Really!  I saw it!  I was impressed!

If you do not happen to have a vacuuming - loving dog, who'll do a good job of vacuuming at your place, then, schedule your cleaning moments this way:

1. clean your most-frequently-used areas first. each room.  These will be the areas that tend to be the dirtiest.

2. Clean for 5 - 10 minutes at a time.  Do your scrubbing, or sweeping, or mopping, or vacuuming, or dishwashing as diligently & thoroughly as you would do IF you were working at this & being paid well for it!  Do Your Best!

3. Short bursts of Clean-It-Well Moments will prove to be a great way to get 'r done ...and, soon, you'll see your efforts have paid you back well!  Step back and enjoy *look* of a de-cluttered, or cleaned-up and sparkling-clean area!  It does not have to be an entire room!  Just get over it!

Now, I do understand you Perfectionists will have a real challenge, in your minds, thinking about cleaning using this suggested method!  It's okay!  Take 3 long, slow, deep, relaxing breaths, now.  aahhh.  Now you feel better, don't you?  😋
Have a happy, less stressful day and week!

**In my next post, I will share a few, simple tips for reviving your body, during breaks at your place where you *serve* those who pay you, or after you leave & go home.  Stay alert!  Be blessed!  Shalom!