Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hopefully Helpful Hints for you IF you Teach at Home

Ladies and Gents,

Am going to use this post to share some hopefully helpful hints with you that will bless your day and week!

There are now quite a few websites that offer some great ( very high quality ) curriculum and / or online educational programs, especially for high-school-age learners!  If you want to share your wisdom and perspective on your favorites, please Leave Me A Comment! ( below, please! )

I will share with you some of my thoughts on this topic:

        1.  The Ron Paul Curriculum --

        This program seems to be quite well planned out!  I am not so sure that the cost of it, at this time, is affordable foremost single moms, though.  So, have had to, again, choose Not To Sign Up for this program, much to my regret.  Perhaps, some time in the future, such programs as this one will get more creative and realistic, and realize that some of us are earning a few dollars more, per hour, than minimum wage in one of the lowest-income states in the USA.  That leaves absolutely No Room For Us To Use These Wonderful Learning Programs!  ( seems quite unfair )

         I do hope that, after contacting them, I may find ( this time ) that they will be willing to work out a reasonable payment plan, to make the program reachable to many more single moms, instead of just assuming that most of us single moms have credit cards with high credit limits.  Having a credit card, at all, for some who Teach At Home, is not what they'd prefer.  Why?  Because it does not agree with the teachings The Creator has inspired men to put into writing.  It also does not fit in with the economics model that Mr. Paul seems to speak about in talks he's shared, or that he espouses, as far as I can recall.

More Thoughts ...soon!