Wednesday, January 30, 2013

some hopefully helpful online mathematics / arithmetic lesson sites

Am sharing with you all, today, a couple of helpful arithmetic / mathematics websites you may wish to check out, for those of you who have chosen to home educate (or for a kind-hearted grandma or grandpa who would like to make use of what is available, for free, online.
Now, realizing that there may be, within this listing shared on this webpage I'm sharing, some sites that include a cost for using their service or site, please keep in mind I am only going to visit those sites which offer free lessons or practice for students or parents to make use of.
If you keep that in mind, you will understand why I shared the links below with you.
Hope you have a happy day enjoying "happy calculating (without calculators)!"
( note:  I really like what MIT shares, free! Registering, to make use of their free, online, educational resources, is also free!  You check it out, and see if it fits what you are looking for!  It is up to you! )
( note:  this link, above, shares help in learning pre-algebra, algebra and geometry )
(note:  this webpage is offered to you all for those who are educators who like worksheets to print out ...)

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One helpful example of an instructional video shared on Khan Academy dot org's site is this one I found:  (I like this one!)

Here is another specific example from one of the sites listed:

Here is yet one more example of adding and subtracting integers:

If your student likes cartoons, to help him or her with math concepts, try visiting this page, for some specific cartoons:

And, below here is a link to a blog post about the history of traditional math, which might interest some of you: