Wednesday, March 7, 2012

... a temporary sabbatical ...

For the "moment," am not writing on this blog.
For anyone who wishes me to, am quite behind on reviewing some sites which you may find helpful.
Am noticing that one can, if one goes to some "positive places" online to do some "online searches" for helpful, or free, home education "help" or "educational information," one can fairly easily locate the "other helpful places" where helpful "notes" can be found.

In other words, you can find what I would share here in other "locations" online.

For those who use FB on a regular basis, there are several very helpful "groups" which "some" home educating parents, and a few graduated "formerly-home-taught students," share helpful links ... to other, educational websites:

Here is one I know of which is called an "open group"  ---

Relaxed Homeschoolers-ARCHERS


There are other groups on FB for parents or students ... regarding home education.  However, which ones I would recommend would be only after I can find them, by name.  You all (who use FB regularly) know how it works --- if you spell the group's name in some way "that does not match" what FB 's programming "thinks" you are referring to, ... then it may not show you "the one you're looking for" as one of the "results" of your search, on FB.  ugh ....

( the link below does not take you to a group's page on FB;  it is just a page there )

Heart of Wisdom

 ( the link below does not take you to a group's page on FB;  it is just a page there )
 Art of Eloquence


... will look for some more.

Maybe I saw a bunch more via 'twitter.'

Could not find enough FB "groups" that are "open groups" ... which are not closely associated with the word "christian."  I know there are some.  But one does need to be discerning and cautious about which groups one recommends.  Why?  Because some are very helpful for some people, but some "groups" have some members who are not acting "true" to what they "claim" to stand for (maybe more as individuals than as representing what the group would like to be "seen" as representing).
Some administrators / moderators are more lenient, regarding beliefs of the founders of a particular group than others are.
Some administrators / moderators of some groups try hard to be careful about what is posted within an open group.  But, even then, it takes a lot of time to moderate any group on FB, or on any social network.

Am just trying to only recommend the ones (sites / groups on FB) I think might be helpful to those who read this blog, here.

* Please Take Note:  I have, over time, ... been allowing The Almighty -- YHVH -- to adjust the way I live, and the things to which I will agree, ... regarding spiritual matters, ... over quite a few months' time within the past two years. So, that is reflected in the fact that I am stating I will not, here, post "group pages" on FB which use (openly) the wording that includes the word "christian" in it ( as part of the group's name, I mean ).  Why?  Because it is a term which must be defined by any individual who says he or she "believes" he or she is a "christian."

I consider myself to be what my Heavenly Father designed and redeemed me to be, by the Blood of The Lamb, Emmanuel, Messiah Yeshua, ... and by the finished work that Yeshua (as YHVH in the Flesh) completed on the execution stake the Romans set up outside the walls of Yerushalayim.
He has redeemed me from sin and (eternal) death.  HalleluYah!
He has redeemed me to freedom in Messiah Yeshua, in His Word, to walk in His Torah, in His mitzvot!  HalleluYah!

So, if a label is what some folks want to use for me, I'd recommend this one:  a Messianic Jew.
Am engrafted into the true Bride, the true Israel / Yisrael, by YHVH's own work in my life, and His choosing me, before I was born.  I merely responded to His Ruach's / Spirit's drawing me to Him, ... which effected my redemption.  But Yeshua / YHVH did it all ! (in truth)

Now, I am a set-apart, redeemed child of ELohim, The ELohim { G-d } of Avraham, Yitzhak and Ya'akov { Abraham, Isaac and Jacob }, Whose Name is Adonai YHVH.


There are, at times, some home-education-related links shared at the FB page below.  But I believe those who are not yet 'friends' with the one whose page that is, ... would have to request to be friends.  It has been made rather 'private' due to the many intrusions into personal privacy which are designed by FB 's owners, to be used ... to intrude on one's privacy.  So, I would agree with how the one thinks (whose FB "page" that leads to).

Shalom to all !

~ Help Notes blog owner ~