Tuesday, March 27, 2012

many spiritual attacks are going on, worldwide

Is anyone else experiencing more "spiritual attacks" coming in various forms, into their life experience, within the past 10 years?   ... 8 years?   ... 6 years?   ... 4 years?   ... 2 years?   ... this past year?   ... this past month?   ... this past week?   ... within the past several days?  ... within the past 24 hours?

Not sure what you all are experiencing, but (where our family dwells) there is 'much' going on in the spiritual realm, and ... that is in addition to what has been happening, out of our control, in a negative direction (for decades) thanks to our federal government (in the U. S. A.).

For those who had, previously, not experienced nearly as much ''somewhat distracting'' or ''interrupt-ive (?)'' stuff coming "at" each person, please be aware that ''things are heating up'' in the spiritual realm with regard to what 'work' the enemy of our souls is (and has been) up to.

(( Important Note:  At this point, I may as well just say this:  For anyone who was reading, up to this point on this webpage,  the rest, which was helpful, and meant to be a spiritual blessing to you, as readers, ... it has, as of now, been deleted ... through someone coming near to speak to me, and, somehow, as I was saving what I was typing, at that point, ... all the rest I'd added, after this point, in my writing which you see here, was, then, deleted.  Am not a 'happy camper' using the words of some.  So, if I choose, soon, to add to what I began writing, above here, on this blog, you will get another version of what was shared.  I "did" save some of what was written, after the point, above, ... in another place, as I was continuing to write.  { yay } So, in truth, I can paste that part below here.  Just thought some would want to know that the topic about which I was writing "was demonstrated" within this blog, just now.  hmm....  Confirmation of spiritual attacks which are going on, in the lives of some of us? ))

This is (all) definitely going on with regard to those who are true followers of Messiah Yeshua, of YHVH our ELohim, of The Truth He shares with all who will hear and obey what He shares in His Word.  One might even go so far as to say this:  it is "only" happening (in a pronounced way) among those whose hearts are fervently, ardently, passionately '"for" Messiah Yeshua, "and" who are "for" keeping The Torah and the Biblical / Hebrew / Jewish feasts of YHVH (The LORD as spelled in the K J version), and who are also "for" keeping The Sabbaths of YHVH (The LORD), all of these things being taught in The Word, in the Tanakh, to be kept  (obeyed) (followed) as a "perpetual" statute "throughout all your generations."

Those commands ( mitzvot ) were declared / spoken at (and before, taught orally from Adam on ... until_ the time when YHVH told Moshe / Moses to "write down all He taught him," besides what "ten words" YHVH, Himself, wrote on two stone tablets, on one those were written by Him on both the front and on the back of a set of stone tablets, which Moshe was told to cut from the rock on the mountain most refer to as Mt. Sinai / Mt. Horeb.

Those mitzvot were being declared from the top of Mt. Sinai, by YHVH Himself, to the people of Israel (including those of the mixed multitude who 'went out of Egypt, having joined with the Israelites, to leave 'the world' and 'the bondages' of Egypt).   When the people responded with:  Moshe, you can speak to us directly.  But we can't (don't want to) hear Him speak (directly) to us!  (that is merely my own wording)
Perhaps, some people like those, who were (later) told they would be prevented from entering into The Promised Land (of Israel), by YHVH our ELohim (G-d), are not aware of the ways the enemy has deceived them into thinking that they ''do not need to'' listen to all The Truth of ELohim's (G-d's) Word.  But we all must.  His Word also contains the reasons and the blessing and reward for doing this, in verses after the mitzvot are 'shared' ... in more than one place in the Scriptures YHVH inspired men to write down.
So,please keep in mind, when you go through your day, there may be close friends of yours, or relatives, or acquaintances, all of whom are on a serious, passionate journey "with" The Master of all, who are ''under attack'' by the enemy of YHVH -- ha satan.  ( ha satan  = the [false] accuser;  the devil  =  the deceiver )
So, please, any time The Ruach ( The Spirit of ELohim / G-d ) urges you to pray for another one you know to be a true follower of Messiah Yeshua, pray for him / her!  Thank you!

Shalom to you all !!
~  helpnotes blog owner ~