Monday, October 24, 2011

recent information shared by others

There are quite a few, well-informed people with whom I am in contact (most all of whom are what I'd call "true believers" and "true followers" of Yeshua The Messiah of YHVH G-d, The Lamb of G-d, Whose Atoning Redemption of all who believe in Him was accomplished by His Scripture-fulfilling and Tanakh-Prophecy-fulfilling Suffering, Death on the Roman execution stake, and His Resurrection, paid the penalty we all owed to YHVH for our sins & iniquities; Yeshua's Father in Heaven is YHVH G-d, and YHVH is The ELohim of Yisrael, and The Elohim of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov {The G-d of Israel, and The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob}).

Some of these well-informed people are sharing 'tweets' on, and others are sharing website links on, and still others share helpful links to other websites or blogs, or helpful resources they have become aware of, which they share to help others (some of which are in the form of .pdf files they share, or .mp3 audio files, or .mp4 or .wma or other 'extension' files).

Below are several, though these are not comprehensive. I just hope someone is helped by my sharing these:

( above is a link to a page on a very helpful, informative site, and on this webpage you can find the most recent archives of the radio program called Olive Tree {Ministries} Radio )
I have learned quite a lot from listening to various radio programs shared through archives by Olive Tree Ministries!

Here are two very important radio discussions regarding what Kamal Saleem, a former Islamic terrorist but now a believer in Yeshua The Messiah, shares about the real agenda of those who are involved with such groups as the Muslim Brotherhood, and what Muslims have in mind, to do about America and about Israel: (These were formerly recorded on July 9, 2011; I had missed them, so am sharing them here, now, so you may learn from them, if you also missed these two program recordings.)

Kamal Saleem's own website can be found at:

Here are two more important radio programs (by Olive Tree Ministries) from September 17, 2011, featuring Caryl Matrisciana, discussing various things which have been "at work" in America over the past 50 years, to change how Christianity is lived out, or to affect those who were raised within the 'world' of Christian teachings, but, ... after they become adults (and the aim is to begin to 'capture the minds of children' before then!), ... well, they may want to change the way they live or how they think. (these are my words; not hers) Included are such topics as: Eastern mysticism, ... social gospel/social justice, ... "green" Christianity, among other topics discussed.


Caryl Matrisciana's ministry site can be found at:


There are two radio programs I'm sharing, below, that offer truth about what Glenn Beck, and some others, are "trying to do." Jack Kinsella shares what he learned while at the event Mr. Beck 'led' in Jerusalem, not long ago. Ed Decker, a former Mormon, also shares (in this program) about several inside secrets of the Mormon church (religion). I believe what is shared will help anyone who is not sure about what Glenn Beck is wanting to do, besides Mitt Romney.

I believe these two archived radio programs are well worth your time to listen to:

You may learn more about Mormonism, and also obtain a free chapter of Ed Decker's book about Mormonism, by visiting his site, below:

You may learn more about Jack Kinsella from his website at:

Stay informed!