Tuesday, June 14, 2011

some information (truth) worth learning

... for any good (wise) student of Truth. (of any age above, let's say, age 12 or 13)
I intend for this post to be read by adults who are willing to consider all sides of an academic, or intellectual, issue. If they are, then they will usually see what is Truth and what is a Lie (or, at least, Deceptive in nature).

Ben Stein (except for his "taste in music" or his music he "chose" to use in this DVD / video documentary film) has done a marvelous job in his truth-filled, heart-felt, sincerely-in-search-of-the-truth effort to find out what has gone very wrong in scientific academia in America.

I salute you, Ben Stein, for what you have done in sharing this video with all who are teachable, willing to learn what is true and right in this universe, and ... to get the word out about it, to all you hope to reach, Sir!

Friends, I am sharing some "you - tube" video links, for anyone (who reads this) to view, so he / she may decide for himself / herself what they each think about Ben Stein's effort to try to share what is "just not right" in the scientific "academic world," in America.

What are these scientists thinking (?), who are (many are) atheistic in their own, personal beliefs, or (at least) they are believing the(ir own) lies taught through the no-real-scientific-proof-can-be-offered-for Darwinian evolution that they are still being "paid" to promote as (so-called) "truth" in their colleges and in their institutions such as museums and departments within the U. S. government "system?"

Darwinian evolution is still only a theory. It has never been proven to be "absolutely" true. (neither has creationism, from a [so-called] scientific viewpoint, one held by the folks who say: "I have to see proof right in front of my own eyes, or that I can touch, taste, or feel with my own hands or my physical receptors, ... or else I will not believe in it." To them, creationism has also never been "proven" to be "absolutely" true. ... to the skeptic, who may even doubt his own existence, I think)

These so-called scientists (apparently) will not tolerate "(real, verifiable) truth" in science, any more. (in past centuries, many or most scientists did) And, they are paid through the misguided use of American tax dollars, though many of America's citizens do not agree with their tax dollars being used to suppress real truth, and to promote unscientific, un-provable, un-substantiated theories such as Darwinianism. These same American citizens do *not* want the theory of Darwinian evolution taught as if it is factual "science," to their children and grandchildren.

These so-called scientists are ever ready, however, to indoctrinate young students into their way of thinking. (they do not think they need to ask any rightful authority of those children, first, either) They are willing to be a part of those who have, in the past, used eugenics to (secretly) sterilize at least 50,000 people in America, in the 20th century. These people were seen as "unfit to breed." (What a lie!) Wonder what their parents would have thought if "these people," their children, these scientists, themselves, or their parents, ... had been chosen to be either euthenized or sterilized? What then?

They (the evolution-promoting scientists, so-called, in America) have a worldview. They do not want anyone else's different worldviews to be taught, or shared, however. But their worldview does not agree with YHVH God's worldview. How very sad!
One day, they will meet Him, face to Face. YHVH God (ELohim, The God of Yisrael / Israel, The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob) is The One Who made them, designed even them, to glorify His Name. But they did not agree with Him. (yet) They will not work in cooperation with The One Who made them. (maybe, one day, before they are destroyed, they will; so far, the Darwinian-evolutionary adherents in this film / DVD have not yet recognized the reality of His existence. He *is* Truth, itself! He made all things! In His Son, Yeshua, all things consist! He holds all things together! He cannot lie. It is true to say: He does not know how to lie. Only those who oppose Him, and reject YHVH God's Truth are the true liars.). Note: God does not believe in atheists. And liars will be cast into the lake that burns with "perpetual" fire. (like the idea of burning rock that most people know as similar to what they have observed within volcanoes)

Below are the ten links I am sharing, here, for anyone who is willing to view them all.

Ben Stein took a lot of time to do this research and others helped him. Read the credits at the end.
Pray for Mr. Stein, please, if you will, that Almighty God, The I AM, YHVH, our Adonai, will bless Ben Stein according to Numbers 6:23-27.
Pray that those who helped him on this will be blessed, also, by The One Who still loves all the so-called scientists who have chosen, freely (though many say they do not believe in anyone having what they call "a free will" within the limited mind-set of 'Darwinian evolution) to reject His free offer of deliverance, His free gift of unconditional Love. (... that is, deliverance through them believing in His Son as the ultimate Atonement-Maker, Redeemer of their souls from eternal damnation / condemnation) (I am aware that Ben Stein is a Hebrew / Jewish man. Do you know that if you bless the people of Israel [descendants of Jacob, Isaac's son, Abraham's true son of the promise], that YHVH God will bless you? [and that] Do you know that if you curse them [God's chosen people, descendants of Abraham through Isaac & Jacob], YHVH God will curse you? Ben Stein has a Father in Heaven just as I do! His Father in Heaven is still at work in his life, as He is in mine! Pray for Ben Stein, please, as you pray for others you know and hope to see in Heaven, some day!)

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8

part 9

part 10


When you are finished viewing these, please consider
buying a copy of his DVD, from such sites as:


Of course, you may purchase a copy of Ben Stein's truth-filled DVD from another source. (I say truth-filled, because Ben Stein just wants to share the truth about what has been going on, in the "academic" world of "science")
Note: I am *not* saying that the Darwinian evolutionists he interviews in this film documentary are telling the truth. They, it becomes clear, are quite deceived, believing the lie that there is no Almighty God, and that they are "free" to think as they choose to think. Their conclusions are baseless. (in my humble opinion)

The worldview that most all these Darwinian evolutionary (so-called) "scientists" espouse is one of no hope in any after-life, no hope in a God Who "infinitely" Loves them, and no hope that their lives have any "real" value, because they consider themselves to be some sort of "higher" animal. They simply do not see themselves as "true" humans. (in my humble opinion) *That* is not scientific!

But, if they choose (freely, they say, though most do not believe in a free will; it does not fit into their Darwinian evolutionary view of the universe, remember) to believe they are animals, and that some are "at a higher level" than "others," then, they must consider themselves to be on their way to achieving some higher level, as opposed to "the others" who are "inferior" in some way. The "others" ... are unfit, undesirable, to continue within "the species." They can be eliminated, for the good of others. (these Darwinian evolutionary scientists believe) That is what was done, in Germany, to handicapped people, who were put into asylums, and "eliminated," even before WWII began.
It is horrendous! It is preposterous! It is hateful and it was carried out deceptively! People were killed because they did not fit some unreasonable idea that they were useless, and that they could not "contribute" to "society," so they could no longer be (were not worthy to be) "fed."

But these kinds of false (not founded in true science, as was practiced by such men as Sir Isaac Newton, and Galileo, and Johannes Kepler, and Robert Boyle) teachings (the evolutionary theory as written about by Charles Darwin) are what any child in America may be, or will be taught (this was taught in schools I attended, back in the 1970s, friends! More of it is being pushed down the mental throats of children who are in gov't schools, now, than it was back then.), in any gov't-supported college, or any gov't-supported school at any level, in America.

It (Darwinian evolutionary "scientific" teachings heavily promoted in America's government-sponsored school system) is against what is written in our Declaration of Independence, penned by Thomas Jefferson, which states that: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain, unalienable Rights, that among those are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness...." (though I am also aware that in Jefferson's original wording he wanted to use, at the end of this statement I have quoted, was "Property," instead of "the pursuit of Happiness")