Wednesday, June 15, 2011

more helpful truth worth learning

The link, below, should take you to a site page which will allow you, until June 20, 2011, to view this very important movie:

It is long. It lasts about 1 hour and 48 minutes. But it is well worth your time to view it.

After you view it, please pass it along to someone else you know, who has had, or still has, cancer.
I believe it will give them hope that someone "does" have some real help for them, and someone really "does" care and wants to help them!

I realize that some may not get to this doctor soon enough to help them.

I understand that not everyone will get to see the results of those who are accepted into the clinical trials that are approved, for the use of this man's medicine, to stop cancer from growing.

I realize that some may still die, though this doctor takes the cases of those whose cancers are at advanced stages, and are fast-growing.

I do realize that some may only feel like their own situation is hopeless, if they do not get to this doctor soon enough.

But I do believe that if I had cancer, myself, I would still want to know the truth.
I would still want to know that someone had been trying hard to share with everyone what he had realized, and found would work, to benefit adult people and children with cancer.
I would still want to thank this man for trying and for persevering even against what must have looked, at times, like insurmountable obstacles before him.
But he has persevered.
He has overcome (within his own soul).
He has been willing to be used ... because he just wanted to help his patients with inoperable cancers ... so they could live a while longer.
And he has been successful in helping them.
They are the ones (his patients) who stood up against "the ones who opposed this truthful man" before Congressmen and Congresswomen, to tell their stories.
That says it all.

You may also view this movie at the link below here:

Thank you for your patience, and your willingness to be teachable in heart!

~ the HelpNotes blog owner ~