Monday, April 20, 2009

Life continues to "go on" spring-ing: Gardening

Gardening is such fun!
We have been putting some seeds into the ground here, not knowing which ones will survive "the last frost" this year.
But it has been fun.
Due to our camera man ... well, ... being "elsewhere" serving / helping someone else, for a while still, ... we are without a camera to share photos.
But you're not missing much.


God is good! He is ever Mercy-full !
He lets us loosen very heavy clay soil and plant seeds in it, ... and now we're seeing them coming up!
... and the seeds we planted were generously given to us, last year. Yes! They are "out of season," and yet, many are still germinating, even in soil that the local "agri expert" claims is nearly impossible to grow anything in, except certain acid-loving things, and only if one uses a tiller (ha ha! Wish we had one, but we do not ... yet.), and only if one adds "certain elements" which would cost us more than our current budget will allow for. (my high school English teacher would not like that last word being the "last word" in that last sentence! ouch! Maybe she has something better to do today, rather than checking up on me, even if she were to be alive.) ;o)

Anyway, if you're reading this and want to find some helpful links to some helpful gardening websites, there are too many to list, but I will share some:
(here is one to get you started; looks like they have some help-full articles there!)

(more in my next post)
... the "blogger" mechanism that is for saving this post ... claims the "auto save" function is not working, for now.

I won't worry. God is working, right now, and ... always!
He always know what each of His children are doing, for the good of others.
And God (our Father in Heaven; the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob; the "real father" of The Lord Yeshua the Messiah, Whom many call Jesus.) has not given me a spirit of fear, but (a spirit) of power, and of Love and of a sound mind. You may wish to read II Timothy 1: 7 for the actual text that shares this truth with you. ;o)

Gardening: a large, dirt-filled topic with many life-enhancing, sprouting results!

with Love to you, who are trusting in The Lord, and are redeemed by The Blood of The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of all who will believe in The "true" Son of YHWH God, Yeshua, the "true" Messiah (the Only Messiah, Who ever was, and Who ever will be).

False messiahs may come and go.
But (I am dead to the world and to my flesh, my former, carnal self, and) my life is hid with Messiah in God (the Father Almighty). You may wish to read Colossians 3: 3 for the actual text that shares this truth. It is from a letter written by a former Jewish Pharisee, formerly named Saul of Tarsus, but later, re-named by Yeshua the Messiah, as Paul (the apostle). He wrote the letter to believers living in or near Colossae, in what we now call Turkey. Used to be called Asia Minor.

... it is a very inspiring "letter" ... by Paul (the apostle). If you care to read it in its entirety, I recommend your reading either the King James Version at or else you may wish to read it at

Just do a search for the book called Colossians.
... or look for the "name" of *Colossians* (on the Geneva Bible site) ... by scrolling down the main site page. ;o) Enjoy!