Wednesday, April 1, 2009

David Wilkerson's blog ... and more


David Wilkerson, the preacher who was willing, long ago, to humble himself and try to find a way to reach the hearts of gang members in New York City, ... and God enabled him to, ... is still sharing "serious truths" with those who wish to listen to him, at a blog he writes on, at:

I am so encouraged by what David shares on his blog, besides what he shares in his "Pulpit Series" messages his ministry is willing to send to those who request them. These newsletters share some very important reminders with us, who believe in and trust in The Lord Almighty, but who sometimes see we are becoming anxious or worried, or even tempted to be fearful, ... due to the extreme and dangerous "moves" our legislators and political leaders continue to make (in the wrong direction).

I am realizing we simply must choose to trust in The One in Whom we find true Faithfulness! We must remember He *is* El Shaddai, our All-Sufficient One!

If we know Who He is, The Lord Almighty, YHWH, the One Who made the entire universe, then we "must" see Him, and believe in Him, as The Only One we know Who can deliver us for disaster (on earth), if that will glorify His Name most. He is The Only One Who can take care of us in the midst of the "impending storm," if that will glorify His Name most. He is The Only One Who can demonstrate His mighty Power, in us, and through us, and how we respond to what our government does, or will do, or what others who hate Him may do, since whatever will bring His Name (haShem, YHWH) the most Glory is what He will do (and it's what we want Him to do, since that is what is right, and it also is in our best interest, though our flesh and our emotions may tell us otherwise.).

We know the Truth! We must choose to listen to His Voice! He is waiting for those who know Him to begin, again, to listen to His Voice, gentle, kind, patient, merciful and good... and to heed what He says, as He told many disturbing things to Jeremiah, long ago, but as long as Jeremiah obeyed God's Word to him, He did take care of Jeremiah. (sometimes in ways Jeremiah did not understand, at the time, but ... God was still with him! and He still used Jeremiah to do much good for those who would listen to God's reminders and His warnings.)

Will you be one of the ones who will listen to The Voice of Love, The Lord's Voice?

I hope I will remain faithful to Him! Lord, help me to live as You would have me live, for Your glory, and for the Kingdom of Your dear Son, Yeshua the Messiah! I am Yours! I am Your child! Keep me within Your Will, Father in Heaven! You have given me Your all! Now, I know You will enable me to follow You in The Way that will bring glory to Your Name and turn hearts to Your Son, Yeshua the Messiah, The Anointed One of YHWH God.

;o) -- keep smiling!
Keep looking down! -- your position, as a true believer in Heaven, if you have accepted the free gift of salvation (deliverance) obtained by the willing sacrificial atonement by The Lamb of God, Who died on "the cursed tree" outside of Jerusalem, as The Scriptures foretold of the Messiah, ... and He arose on the third day, according to The Scriptures. He now lives, and intercedes for us, as our High Priest, in Heaven, before The Throne of God!
He says, through writings His Holy Spirit inspired Paul the apostle to write, in the letter Rav Shaul (Paul) wrote to the Ephesian believers, in Ephesians 2: 4-7, that " God, Who is rich in Mercy, for His great Love wherewith He loved us, even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Messiah, (by Grace ye are saved;) and hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in Heavenly places *in* Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus): that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His Grace in His Kindness toward us through Messiah Yeshua."

Hallelujah! He is awesome! He loves us so much! He even lets us be "a little higher than the angels" in the position He gives to us, ... within His realm!! That means we are 'right there' ... seated *in" Messiah Yeshua! He is our Lord, ... our Master, ... even ... our Friend (He calls us His friends if we do what He commands us to do)! He is indeed so much more Loving than we can imagine with our (present) finite minds! But He is able to do things we simply do not understand fully, yet, but which are still true! Let's rejoice in Him, Who has chosen us, from eternity, to belong to Him, and to be used by Him to persuade men and women to turn their lives over to His Son, as The One in Whom they should put all their trust and in Whom they should believe, in order to fulfill the purpose for which they were created.

I have put my trust in Yeshua as The Messiah!
Have you?
If you have any questions about that, or about how to give control of your life over to Yeshua (Jesus) as God's only Son, and The Only One Who can deliver us all from the eternal destruction and damnation we deserve, because of our sins (all have sinned and come short of the glory of God) and the resulting debt we owe to Him -- for the many times we have transgressed against His law, His teaching, His Torah -- please, please, will you visit either
or to find out "what you should do?"