Friday, March 20, 2009

Joel Rosenberg helps me think about things

I realize this may not seem to relate directly to "the journey" of home educators, but it does. Trust me. Well, trust God, above all. And trust others, who are much wiser than I am, please!! But Joel Rosenberg is one you will find you can trust, ... at least so far...... I find his analysis of news, and his sharing of articles and information as it relates to current news is helping me much, to keep up with particular "issues" we are following, in our "social studies" at home. We keep up with world news, news from Israel ( I am not ashamed to say I am pro-Israel ! ... all the way. They are still God's chosen people. No one has replaced them! So, let's pray for The Peace of Jerusalem, as God commands we do, using Psalm 122: 6 to remind us to! And let's do what The Lord enables us to do, to help the needy in Israel, and "within our own communities, around the world." ). Maybe it's just my "bent."

News! I used to hear it, read it, watch some of it, ... even tried to make it, at times, by learning to snow ski after age 33!, and falling down wooden stairs, breaking my tailbone, and yet, not receiving any obvious damage, since God "covered it up" (I call it healing!!) within a short time, and have never had trouble since then! (Amen!). I've tried to drive a small car into a concrete guard rail ... well, okay, it was a true accident, that I did not plan. Was actually trying my best to avoid hitting the car in front of me, on my side of an 8-lane highway ... filled with stop-and-go traffic, during a rush hour. oh well ....

But God allowed it ... for my good. I quit the job I was on my way to, that day. ha ha! You know? It *is* weird sitting there in a car, with blood on your forehead, wondering how long it will take for an ambulance to get to you, through 4 lanes of cars just sitting there mostly, not moving, ... and then, when they arrive, all they want to know is "do you know what today's date is?" They did ask some other basic questions. I was actually fine, but had a headache; my windshield was pooched out ... enough to make them real scared. I was not scared. Just wanted them to "get on with things." ;o) (big grin) So, after they asked me things I already knew the answers to, since I had (sorry to say) watched traffic accident victims being asked these sorts of things, so I was ready, ... well, they finally took me to a hospital. I was by myself, in the car, thanks to God. Now, I only have a very few reminders of that accident. God is such a good healer!!! He truly is The Great Physician! He is YHVH Rophe, The Lord Who healeth thee!! Let's praise His Holy Name!!

God is so fun to get to know -- He still loves me, even though He's let the enemy "try hard" to kill me more than a few times, honestly. Fell off a galloping horse, long ago, and ... was just fine. Weird?! Oh well... Those are a few stories, to show God is with us, no matter what, but ..
we should watch what's going on, in the world news, using websites, and blogs, to do it, ... trusted sites ... when possible. Right? Of course right! (borrowed from Fiddler on the Roof)

I consider some "world news" studies to fall within the category of world history, since it is, each day, "in the making." Those who keep up with it, may feel like they're in a tornado ... that's carrying them along at too fast a pace, since Jan 20, 2009. But most of this stuff has been "in the planning portfolios" of some folks, for well over 100 years! However, rather than taking you through that bit o' history, you may wish to visit, among other very good sites, some that Joel Rosenberg has set up, to keep those who read his books, and know of him, informed, ... on some topics he covers, at these two sites. I found them quite informative, with links to the sources he is getting the stories from. That always helps, as you well know.

Well, considering that my name is probably already on "one of the 3 lists," ... designated by "color names," within the US, I'd rather be moving, real soon, to Israel. I'd rather die there, than in a land with a man who won't (refuses to !) prove his citizenship status. And our U S justice system is failing to force people like him to do such a thing in a timely fashion. Cover-ups. Deception. Lies. The rich elite. Lovers of power. Those who want control. Corrupt businessmen. Corrupt politicians. (and more) And I'm just honest enough to make folks aware of it, thanks to the news stories I follow on World Net Daily. If you check "news" on their website, you'll stay informed, on many ''fronts.''

I am ready to die. But would like to do it while helping some folks who need some real help, and who may not, yet, know where they will "be found" when they die, ... especially afterward. I know where I will be. If they don't, then my prayer is that The Lord will put me in a place where I can tell "someone (!!)" who wants to know, over there. But in the meantime, I will be ready to give an answer for the Hope that is in me, with meekness and fear.

Well, I can manage most of the meekness attitude, but Yeshua will have to fill in the rest for me, putting it within me, by His Mighty Power, since I depend on Him for everything, and I usually mess up, when I try to do anything. Whenever I do anything "right," I know it was Him Who did it through me! Amen! He is my all in all!
The Lord of lords! The King of kings!
And no one-world currency can provide like He can!
And no one-world army can protect me like He can!
And ... no leader, anywhere, can lead like He does -- He's The Good Shepherd, Who takes care of me, a sheep in His fold.

Rejoice today that your name is written in The Lamb's Book of Life!

Support the people of Israel!!! They need your prayers!