Thursday, March 19, 2009

Helpful "news" and "alerts" sites you may want to visit

It has helped me much, in wanting to keep up with news that other news sources just "don't offer," to look for US and world news updates on World Net Daily.

There are two links below, for World Net Daily -- one for page 1, as they call it, and one for page 2, on their site.

When you can, though I realize we moms keep quite busy, ... it is helpful to check "the news" from sources we can trust to provide us with news that has "our interest" as American citizens (actually "able to prove we were born within the United States, and we can show our birth certificates....") in mind.

Eagle Forum has kept me informed, through email newsletters, on several topics of interest, pertaining to "families" in the U.S., as well as "education," and "political" alerts I want to receive.

Visit Phyllis Schlafly's very informative, very helpful website, any time you are able to. And sign up to receive legislative updates, and alerts, ... if you wish. I like choosing to receive those alerts and information updates, because it saves me much time, ... with a busy schedule.

God is good! He even puts Godly people into positions of "sharing news" with us, that we need, to make wise decisions, and He gives them wisdom, to discern "what" to share, and ... what it's necessary to provide "forms" for, in contacting our legislators, to tell them what we want them to vote for, or against.