Friday, September 26, 2008

the Phyllis Schlafly Report


If you are not yet aware of the organization called Eagle Forum, please at least read the report on that site, for the month of September of 2008, using the link I have put below. Have only included the title for that page's articles, below here, for you to get a quick idea of what you will read about, on Mrs. Schlafly's Eagle Forum site page there.

It is both enlightening and helpful to all who are true believers in The Lord Jesus Christ / The Lord Adonai Messiah Yeshua. We all need to be informed, and Eagle Forum is one sure way to know what is going on, behind the scenes, within our nation! Phyllis Schlafly is one dear grandmother who cares very much about what all of us, as believers in The Lord, need to use to urge us to pray, and to seek God's Face, about.

The world scene is changing so that the values many of us grew up being taught ... are under fire, to say the least. Please read what is on her site, and support Eagle Forum with your prayers, ... at least. They are doing a great job of keeping us informed about what's going on in Washington, and among those who legislate laws that they try to "sneak by us," because they know the general voting public in America will not support what those in Committees in the House of Representatives and in the Senate "have in mind."

Though our nation's laws may no longer be able to sufficiently protect us, as true believers, and God-fearing voting American citizens, God Almighty, YHWH, the Great I AM, El Elyon -- the Most High -- is still alive, and always will be, and He is still in control of all things, and of all people. He will never let us down! He will always defend us, and will always hold us in His Hands, carrying us in His everlasting Arms. We can never be separated from The Agape Love of The Lord Almighty, El Shaddai! And He keeps His Word -- He is YHWH Shammah, Who is ever with us, because He promised He would never leave us nor forsake us, so that we can boldly say: The Lord is my helper, I will not fear! -- from Hebrews 13: 6

Praise The Lord all day!
He is your Help and your Shield!
He is your High Tower, your Refuge in times of trouble!

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