Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update for the Up Hill-ies

We are still here! ;o) (big smile) Thank you for waiting for an update on what we've been doin' ... up on this hill in the mountains of northeastern Tennessee!

Here is a list: (for those who are engineers I've worked for, businessmen I've worked for, doctors I've known, former public school teachers who only wanted to be listened to, and who often were mathematics educators, as well as many who are ... non-artists, non-musicians, and otherwise prefer things to be ordered (which is a good thing!), listed (related to orderliness, and that is good!), not "conversational" (sorry guys, but some of you are that way; other men are the opposite of that way) or ... who like to listen more than they talk, and are known by some as deep thinkers. Yes, I am one who prefers to talk (only when possible and only when it is the preferred mode for relaying very important information!), rather than listen. But that comes because I have just finished reading over 2 hours' worth of information and facts from human sources, plus truths and amazing and miraculous "doings" of God Almighty, from His Word! So, I am "ready to talk!" ... now)

1. visiting congregations of true believers ... who are all quite serious about what they believe, Who they believe in, and how they plan to live out what they believe

2. ... and we found one. But that is not to say that the other choices were not also good. We just chose one, because that one will surely keep us quite busy, as one outlet for serving God and reaching out to the community as well as sharing our life testimonies of how The Lord Yeshua The Messiah brought us to the knowledge of The Truth -- that He bought our Redemption and has made full atonement for our sins, and for our sinful lives (of the past).

3. we've been singing as a family of 8, at times when others have asked us to sing, before a church congregation. We are willing to sing elsewhere. Just need to find time, during a week coming soon to a city near you, ... when one or more of us can contact "other organizations" that might be receptive to us coming to sing. I believe it may be that our dear Lord, Who bought us, and owns us, is awaiting us becoming "more professional" and "more together" as a singing family, ... so that our "sound" (overall) will show we are "ready" for singing for groups other than just churches where we are already members.

4. we've been helping with the bussed-in children's ministry, that Harvest Baptist Church has, for children who live in a nearby city, near where we are, as well as children in the city where we live. There is an outreach program that ministers to at least 30 to 40 families, and several of us have been involved in the Sunday morning "worship and Bible lesson time" with the children who are a part of this program. Our own children are also involved in it.

5. we have helped in door to door, one on one, evangelizing in neighborhoods as well as other areas. We usually pass out Gospel tracts, when we can, during the week. We meet with others, weekly, also, to go out, door to door, to share The Message of how anyone can come to "Peace" and "Reconciliation" with The Lord God and with His Son, Yeshua the Messiah, through knowing "their spiritual condition" before God, and then, through accepting the free gift, through Grace, of "redemption" and "rest" through trusting and believing in the atoning sacrifice made by The true Lamb of God, Yeshua the Messiah, Who voluntarily gave His Life, on the Roman execution stake, for our lives. Now, all we need to do is (after we have accepted His free gift, through Grace) live our lives for Him, Who loved us, when we did not love Him!

6. we have helped with the Vacation (summertime) Bible School (learning time and craft time and enjoyment time) that Harvest Baptist Church organized, during June of this year. We volunteered to:

a. plan for, and offer a list for food donations among members of the congregation, and ... then buy and prepare food for the children (and some for workers) at the VBS.

b. teach (two of us) classes of children, from age 4-5 up to age 11-12, about The Six Days of Creation ... and about Dinosaurs living at the same time as man, and being created by God Almighty on the same day as man was created (day 6) ... and about The worldwide Flood during Noah's lifetime. At least 20 children accepted Yeshua's free gift of salvation! (out of almost 60, who came) We pray God will give each one a desire to know Him better, in the days to come. And we pray their parents will allow these children to attend a Bible-believing church in this area, or ours, so they can continue to grow in their spiritual life in The Lord, each child.

c. help decorate (be in charge of decorating, as much as was desired) the classrooms, as needed, and ... to decorate any other areas used for VBS

d. help with sound during the song singing time, in the sanctuary, during VBS, as well as passing out refreshments, during class time, and to help with game time on Saturday afternoon

... more later. Time to go "share the Gospel." (out in the community)

... stay tuned !

We have, so far, been made aware of 5 other home educating families who live in this same nearby area of His world, who ... have basically the same standards as our family has become convicted of, by The Lord. We rejoice in this news! God likes His children to be encouraged! And strengthened in Him and in His Word ! And He likes His children to know all they can, that will enable their "spiritual battling" to be done effectively, through His Holy Spirit and through His mighty dunamis Power! Hallelujah!