Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some Helpful Thoughts -- More about me (KasaYeshua)

Some thoughts about * KasaYeshua * (me)

I work with our family in a ministry that aims to restore faith / trust in The Foundation of all Knowledge -- God's Word.
The Bible, God's Holy Word, is worth reading, is all true, and everything in it either has already happened or will happen to real people.

You can read "tomorrow's" news there. One must "dig" to find in it the hidden "treasures," which we call Rhemas. God uses those to lead us and guide us. Yeshua is the center and focus of study.

He and the Father God are One. Sh'ma Yisrael, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad. Yeshua is Melech ha Olam, the King of the Universe, The LORD !

I have been God's child since 1970. He drew me to Himself. He carried me through many trials and testings. He has never failed me. I have fallen, but He has picked me up every time. I have made big mistakes, but as I have repented, He has enabled me to follow Him better. He is faithful! He keeps all His promises!

He teaches me more about Himself, as I humble myself and let Him build in me His meek, God-fearing attitude of total dependence on Him. He is my all in all! He knows I can do nothing apart from Him! He has demonstrated to me that His Word is Truth, and that He wants to use it to both bring me to my knees, and also to lift me up in my spirit so high that I feel like I am soaring.

King David's Psalms inspire me afresh, each new day! I want to be a woman "after" God's own heart, like David.

He is my help and shield! He lifts me up when I am down. He shows me mercy when I show others mercy. He forgives me as I forgive others.

He has shown me He is whatever I need at any time! Baruch ha Shem El Shaddai ! My all-Sufficient One. Blessed be The Name! YHWH has bought me with the Blood of His Son, Yeshua. I am His.

He is enabling me to memorize verses in His Word, the Bible, so I can meditate on them, apply them to my life now, and learn to think more in agreement with God my Father. How encouraging that is!

I call these verses "Help Notes" He has written down, so I can use them like others use an instruction manual to guide them to use some piece of equipment. Rhemas in God's Word are the Sword the Holy Spirit uses to get down to the root of any problem, and bring a solution that only God could design. He is awesome!

Come join us in this journey. God is directing our paths. He has given us The Instruction Manual for Life. All we need do is read it and follow it, trusting its Author to use His design of us to benefit others' lives and through our weakness He shows Himself strong! His Name "El" means "strong."

Stand still and see the salvation (Yeshua) of The Lord ! He is ever with us! Fear not! The Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. Amen! Hallelujah! Yeshua is Lord!

I can truly say He is my Light and my Salvation (Deliverer), my refuge and Strength, and my Haven of Rest. He has protected me from death and much suffering quite a few times! He is able to deliver you, too!

Yielding to God all areas of my life is a challenge, some times, and easy, at other times. But as I choose to give to Him my desires, plans, hopes and expectations, He has ever been so encouraging that I am not losing anything, but instead am gaining something I would not have had, had I held on to what I thought I wanted.

Do I value Him and a close relationship with God more than things on earth, that I know will not last? Do I see how I cannot grow close to God's loving Heart unless I let go of those things?

Am I willing to take Him at His Word and trust Him with my hopes and dreams? What I valued and held tightly to ... only allowed a wall to build up between God and me. I did not want that!!

Giving up what I (you) cannot keep will only gain for me (you) many blessings He is willing to give me (you). I found I only need to cry out to God and tell him everything. He will take care of it all, and will do a much better job of it than I can.

God will fight my battles for me. He just wants me to trust Him and believe His Word is true, and that He will accomplish that which I know I cannot do, anyway. He wants me to tell others about His Son, though (within myself) I am unable to do it. But He has paved the way.

If I just follow the example of His Son, Yeshua, in how to "win souls" to God's Kingdom, He will do the work through me, so others can turn their lives over to His control! He who wins souls is wise!

He is able. So ... on to victory! He gives me faith to believe, strength to accomplish all He gives me to do for Him, and He lives His Life through me, as I abide in Him, and walk with Him! wow! O Lord, help me to follow You faithfully! Thank You for giving me new life in Your Son, Yeshua! He is my Life !

A Prayer: Fill me with your Spirit in my soul (my mind, will and emotions) each new day, so that I can accomplish what only You could bring about by Your Power of genuine Love. That way, Your Name will be praised and glorified in what I do!

... that I may become less and less, and Your Son, Yeshua, may become more and more ....
ha Shem Yeshua. Amen.

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