Monday, September 3, 2007

Help! Notes continues ...

God is on the throne, and prayer still changes things ... mostly "us." I hope to share some help-ful websites the Lord has led me to, to help you all. Life continues. Help! Notes will continue, as the Lord allows time for me to post to it.

If someone asked you "would you consider yourself to be a good person?," what would you say?

Just wondering.

Anyone may come and read this blog. You all are welcome. Yes, I was born in the South (of the U.S.A.). I am patriotic. Am a veteran's daughter, married to a veteran, of the U.S. military. We hail from England, Ireland, Scotland, and several other places. My family raised me to live my life trusting in the One, True God, YHWH Elohenu, El Elyon, God Almighty.

He has always been "there" for me. He is Jehovah Shammah! His Help is always All-Sufficient, for He is El Shaddai! He is my Righteousness, for He is Jehovah Tsidkenu! Hallelujah! What more could anyone need?

Oh yes, He is also the Lord Who heals me continually, Jehovah Rophe (Ropheka, some say). And He is Jehovah Ra'ah, my good Shepherd, Who moment by moment tends to me, as a shepherd tends to his flock. And He is Jehovah Rohi, Who sees me continually.

Please come again. More "Help! Notes" will follow.

You may learn about good health and "find help" also at
An educational site with several Help-ful links, for your benefit.
May God bless you richly!

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